Kris Rutherford is the author of middle-grade sports novels and non-fiction baseball history books. For middle-grade readers, he has written “Batting Ninth” (Enslow Publishers) and “Nothin’ But Net” (Future Fisherman Foundation and Museitup Publishing. He has published two Texas League Baseball history books including “Homeseekers, Parasites, and the Texas Midland: The Texas League in Paris, 1896-1904” (RecWatch Publishing) and “Baseball on the Praire: How Seven Small-Town Teams Shaped Texas League History.” He also writes a bi-monthly column on North Texas sports history in “The Roxton Progress.”



  1. Richard W. Snowden

    Kris: Fascinating story about my great-great grandfather, Francis Patterson Abercrombie. I knew that he had had a fleeting professional baseball career, but I did not know the play-by-play you describe here. I can add the following corrections and additional color to his life story: First, he was born in 1852 (not 1850) and he died here in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia in 1939 (not 1937). Second, his father and grandfather having been confidants of Abraham Lincoln, his childhood friends included Tad and Willie Lincoln… He was robust and healthy up into his 80s, winning a senior’s golf championship at age 83 at the Philadelphia Cricket Club St Martin’s course in 1935 (I have the trophy), having walked the 15 blocks to the match from his house and back again…..All in all, from my grandmother’s stories, ‘Grandy’ Abercrombie was a real character and I could bore you with many others, at least one not appropriate for a public blog site! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge of this interesting guy from the past…
    Best Regards, Rich Snowden


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